Bassett – Town Square Perspective

Community Square and Outdoor Farmers Market

The historic Bassett Train Depot is a highlight of Bassett and houses an indoor farmers market. It’s also home to the Bassett Heritage Festival in the fall.

Bassett Train Depot

  • Town Clock and landscaping visible from the entrance corridor into downtown enhances the depot.
  • Railside Deck at the rear of the depot offers an opportunity to have additional sheltered space between the building and the active rail corridor.

Bassett – Music Venue Perspective

Planned Improvements

  • Community Square/Green on the north side of Sunset Drive that will complement the Bassett Train Depot and enhances Reed Stone Street. It will include perimeter parking, pedestrian sidewalks, street trees, landscaping, and offers space for an outdoor farmers market.
  • Sunset Drive Improvements will manage traffic flow and speed.
  • Landscaped or Paved Plaza on the south side of Sunset Drive offers additional space for outdoor dining or events. The plaza joins existing businesses on Reed Stone Street and offers opportunities for building improvements.
  • Wayfinding and Interpretive Signs in the area will provide important information for direction and community history.
  • Facade Improvements to eight buildings.

Reed Stone Street Units

Before:  ReedStoneBeforePictures

After: (Conceptual) 

Bassett - Reed Stone Street Storefront standalone conceptual

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